Miami GP | Downtown dream or COTA killer

The proposed Miami Grand Prix presents questions on more than just will it join the Formula One calendar. How will it impact the current United States Grand Prix and what does it mean for the future of the sport?

Port Miami, home to the American Airlines Stadium and potentially Formula One? That’s the plan being discussed by City officials as a summer recess is called on to take into account the views of more residents, with the support of four out of the five Commissioners needed for the proposal to go ahead. Having already seen a Cease and Desist letter filled by Attorney Sam Dubbin.

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Fantasy Formula 1: 2019 Grid Predictions

With 5 rounds of the 2018 Formula One season in the book, I look ahead at potential moves in the driver market.

At the head of the field, the top Formula One teams are yet to put pen to paper and tie down the cream of the F1 crop to new long-term deals. Leaving questions in the air as to who will fill the seats capable of challenging for race wins and titles. Will the established batch of Hamilton, Ricciardo and Raikkonen maintain position or can a fresh racer add some youthful exuberance alongside Verstappen?

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Australian GP Talking points | Vettel leaps Hamilton to VSC Victory

Sebastian Vettel victorious in season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

Hamilton wiped the smile from Vettel’s with a blistering qualifying lap to blow Ferrari and Red Bull out of the water. But when Ferrari-customers Haas made critical errors in both pit-stops, the Virtual Safety Car destroyed Hamilton’s advantage and handed victory to Maranello. Here are the Australian Grand Prix talking points.

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F1 2018 Preview: Pressures on for Bottas, Raikkonen at Mercedes and Ferrari

A preview of the 2018 Formula One World Championship season, part 4.

The pressure is on Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen to show Formula One what they have to offer at the top of the field. With both drivers currently occupying two of the best cockpits in the sport, but both entering the final years of their respective deals at Mercedes and Ferrari. The seats most desirable for the title-hopeful racer.

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F1 2018 Preview: More pit stops as Pirelli move Fit4F1 range softer

A preview of the 2018 Formula One World Championship season, part 3.

With Formula One moving to higher levels of downforce in 2017 to make the cars faster and reduce lap time, Pirelli could only go so far in predicting the loads that would be put through its tyres. Meaning the manufacturer had to go conservative and make a robust tyre or risk punctures and blowouts. But a year on, Pirelli can be more aggressive.

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F1 2018 Preview: McLaren must face Red Bull comparisons with Renault power

A preview of the 2018 Formula One World Championship season, part 2.

At long last, the often uncomfortable and ultimately failed relationship between McLaren and Honda is no more. The once great force in Formula One became a mockery of its former glories when the two giants of motorsport reconvened for the V6 hybrid era. But after years of tears, the pair divorced and Renault came to McLaren’s rescue.

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F1 2018 Preview: Halo, it’s ‘good’ to see you again

A preview of the 2018 Formula One World Championship season, part 1.

The snow has fallen and the cobwebs brushed from the tools, Formula One is back in full swing with cars launched and pre-season testing about to start. Chance one for the travelling circus to reconvene and see who has had the best winter to move up the grid or re-assert its dominance in the pinnacle of motorsport. But there are many stories yet to be written, so let’s dive into F1 2018, the year of the Halo.

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